Why are tongues pink?

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There are a few different reasons that our bodies have different colors.  One of them is because we have special chemicals called pigments. Pigments cause color and can help reflect harmful rays from the Sun.  Most of the skin on our bodies has pigment, which makes it a brownish color.  Some people have more pigment than others.  More pigment means darker skin.  When people's eyes have a lot of pigment they have dark brown eyes.

Another reason our bodies have color is because of the blood under our skin. Some parts of our bodies, like our lips and our tongues, don't have much pigment so it's the blood running through them that gives them color.  In the case of our tongues, the blood that travels through it to fuel its many muscles makes it pink!

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    The Tongue: A Terrific Tool!Think of all the things your tongue can do. It can taste.  It helps you talk. Try saying any of these words without moving your tongue: tongue, terrific, tool, talk, taste.  
    Tongues also help us clean our teeth (though they are no substitute for a good brushing!)

    To do all those things, tongues need a lot of blood for muscle fuel.  In a mirror, stick out your tongue and look at the bottom of it.  You'll be able to see some of those blood vessels that deliver blood to your tongue and give it its pink color!



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