Who were the Ancient Egyptians?

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Have you ever heard of the Ancient Egyptians? They were a culture of people who lived in Northern Africa from around 3150 BC to 31BC. They were very inventive people and lucky for us, they preserved many of their creations so that we can study them today!

Ancient Egypt was ruled by Pharaohs, who had absolute control over the country. Pharaohs organized the building of the great Pyramids, which are the most famous symbol of ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were also known for their literature, mathematics and medicine and they also had a great respect for animals. As their civilization was located along the Nile River, they also developed a form of irrigation or watering of crops that was really special and successful.

Did you ever hear of a mummy? Ancient Egyptians developed a burial tradition called mummification that preserved bodies, particularly those of the Pharos. While the idea is kind of spooky, without mummies we wouldn't know half of what we do today about Ancient Egypt!

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