Who is the smartest person in the world?

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The world is an interesting place full of interesting things to learn, discover, think about, and create! Because of this, there is no single way to measure how smart a person is and it would be impossible to say who is or was the very smartest person in the world!

For example, many people might say that Albert Einstein was the smartest person to ever live because of the amazing scientific discoveries he made. Others might consider William Shakespeare to be the smartest person in history because of all the great plays and poetry he wrote! 

A person who is smart can be good at math and science, or good at painting and philosophy! – In terms of being smart, doing well in school is very important but there are also other important ways of looking at intelligence such as a person’s approach to looking at the world, asking questions, seeking knowledge, and discovering or creating new things in the process!

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    Learning the ropes!


    What are some of your favorite things to learn about? Do you really like learning new words? Do you like learning facts about the world or outer-space? Or do you prefer learning new things about people who have lived in history or different people who live all over the world!?

    Interview some grown-ups and other kids you know about what their favorite subjects are. Don’t forget to also ask each of them why that subject is their favorite, and don’t forget to remind them that “lunch time” is not a subject!!

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