Who invented tennis?

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There was not just one person who invented tennis. A lot like soccer, it was a game that developed slowly over time.  Lots of people helped make tennis what it is today. The sport actually comes from a French game called "jeu de paume," which means "game of the palm." This French game was a handball game, a lot like tennis, but played with people's hands instead of racquets!

Officially, modern tennis became its own game in 1873, when Major Walter Clopton Wingfield, from Wales, published a book of tennis rules. There were people playing games very similar to tennis before this date though, but 1873 is considered by many people to be the birth year of tennis. 

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    Cut the Racquet! 

    Try playing tennis.  It's fun and a good way to exercise.  If you don't have racquets that you can use, don't worry.  You can try playing a version of the French game "jeu de paume." Instead of using a racquet to hit the ball over a net, use your hand to slap the ball over.  Do you think it's harder or easier to use your hand instead of a racquet? Which do you think lets you hit the tennis ball farther? 
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