Who invented Santa's elves?

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Just like many people believe that Santa Claus is like the spirit of Saint Nicholas (a generous man who was known for giving gifts and performing miracles for children), Santa’s elves also have their own special history!

People all over the world have believed in elves for a very long time, usually describing them as special creatures who are small and sometimes fairy-like, with pointed ears and magical abilities, and sometimes a hint of mischief. Even though elves have been around for such a long time, it wasn’t until the mid-1800s (about 150 years ago) that people first started to recognize their role as Santa’s Helpers. But because elves are so special, many people believe that it’s only natural for them to be the helpers of someone like Santa Claus, who is also pretty special! According to legend, Santa’s elves help him with everything from making toys to keeping lists of boys and girls to polishing his sleigh and more!

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