Who invented music?

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Music is all around us! 

No one person invented music. Many people think music was not invented at all, but discovered! In history, music has been around as long as the first humans existed on earth.

A long, long time ago, people learned to hear if sounds were high or low, quiet or loud, fast or slow, soft or sharp, and so on. They began to put sounds together in different ways by making new instruments and experimenting with singing. Eventually different cultures developed unique ways of creating music and then writing it down so they could pass it along to others. Today we have technology that allows us to record and share all the beautiful music from around the world! 
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    Make Music Happen! 

    Each and every one of us can create music. Begin by clapping your hands to create a beat- is it fast or slow? Even better, ask an adult for a bucket you can flip over and use as a drum. Next, experiment with sounds your voice can make. Be creative! You could ask a friend, brother or sister, or a trusted adult to join your band and help make some sensational sounds!

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