Who invented hockey?

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There is no one specific person (or group of people!) who can be credited with inventing hockey, since it most likely was a combination of many different games!  The three most commonly mentioned are the British game of lacrosse, the Irish game of "hurley," and an unnamed game played by the Micmac Indians in Nova Scotia. All three were games played with sticks and balls, though the Micmac Indians were the only ones who played theirs on ice!

Historians believe that the earliest games of what we know as hockey were played in Canada in the 1850's by British soldiers who were stationed there. Their version of the game caught on, and in the 1870's students at McGill University wrote down the first set of hockey rules. Official teams and leagues first formed in the 1880's, and by 1893 the game was so popular that the Governor General of Canada created a trophy that would be awarded to be the best team. His name was Lord Stanley of Preston; can you guess what the trophy (which is still awarded today!) is called?

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    Nowadays hockey is popular all over the world, and especially in North America. The season runs from October until April and the highlight of which is the Stanley Cup tournament that is played each spring.

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    Did you know? Here are some fun hockey facts!The original hockey puck was square, not round like the ones used today.

    Early hockey games allowed as many as thirty players on each team! (Now the official rules state that only nine per side are allowed.)

    The word "hockey" is thought to come from the French word for "shepard's stick:" hoquet.

    The first professional hockey team was formed in 1904, and the first hockey tournament played at the Olympics was at the 1920 Winter Games.


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