Where does the word barbeque come from?

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Barbeque, barbecue, BBQ, bar-b-q. – No matter how you spell it, lots of people would quickly agree that barbeques are one of the highlights of summer! So where does this tradition of grilling yummy burgers and sausages and pulled pork and veggies get its funny-sounding name?

The origin of the word “barbecue” comes from the Caribbean, where the Spanish word “barbacoa” was used to describe a special wooden frame that was used for drying, smoking, or grilling meat! Interestingly, the same word also described a structure used for sleeping, and when it first made its way into English in the 1600’s, it was initially used for both meanings! Eventually, the word evolved through different spellings and came to refer only to the special way of cooking meat over an open flame, as well as the a gathering centered around that type of meal! 

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