Where does the wind go when it's not blowing?

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There is so much wind on a gusty day that you must wonder where it all goes on a non-windy day! Has it taken a vacation to visit some people in a different city? Is it sleeping, or hiding? When will it come back??
You might already know that wind is air which moves around because of the way the sun heats Earth unevenly. – Warm air rises and moves cold air out of the way, so wind is what you feel when different temperatures of air are in motion! 
If the wind is not blowing where you are, it means there aren’t these temperature changes happening and the air around you is more still! The wind hasn’t necessarily “gone” anywhere, it’s just waiting for its next chance to get up and move around!
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    Remember that just because it's not windy where you are, that doesn't mean there isn't wind in another place! Sometimes the air where you live might be still, while in another place there's more heating and cooling, and lots of wind!

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    Weather Chart!
    Ask a grown-up to help you make your own Weather Chart. This can be a small book or even just a piece of paper where you write down or draw what the weather is like every day for a week. Remember to include things like whether or not it was windy, what the temperature was like, if there was rain or snow, how cloudy it was, and more!

    After tracking the weather for a few days, what kinds of observations can you make about the different weather patterns? Did you notice, for example, that on a certain windy day there was also a big thunderstorm? Or maybe you noticed it was cooler when there were lots of clouds! How do your observations match the things you've learned about how the weather works?    


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