Where does the water go when I flush the toilet?

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When you flush the toilet, wash your hands, or take a bath, you see some water disappear down a drain. The water that goes down our pipes enters sewers or septic tanks, where it is kept with other dirty “wastewater.”

Because this water is unhealthy, we keep it in this separate place where it’s away from us and our fresh drinking water. Eventually, the water in the sewer or septic tank is sent to a “water treatment plant,” where it is cleaned and treated in a special way so the unhealthy parts are removed. Then, when the water is clean again, it’s ready to be released back into the environment!

Don’t forget that even though the water which goes down the drain can be cleaned and released back into the environment, it’s never a good idea to waste water. If you think flushing is a lot of fun, wait until you’ve used the potty before pushing the flush so you can be Water Wise!

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