Where does copper come from?

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Copper is a naturally occurring metal. That means it can be found on its own in nature! You’re not likely to just trip over some when you’re taking a walk though. Copper is usually hiding in rocks under the ground. That’s why, most of the time, copper is mined.

Copper deposits (or those places the copper is hiding) are spread all across the world. Most of it is found in seven countries: Chile, the United States, Congo, Peru, Zambia, and Mexico. Can you find those countries on a map? If you look at them, you’ll see they are really spread out! 

Copper is a very useful metal! For thousands of years it’s been used to make tools and weapons. Today, it’s used to make electrical wires and it’s used to make pennies. You probably already know what color copper is. It’s the color of a penny!

Copper is also a key ingredient in some blended metals you’re probably familiar with: brass and bronze. 

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