Where does coffee come from?

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Have you noticed the strong aroma of the tasty roasted drink many grown-ups sip each morning? This drink is called coffee, and you may be surprised to learn where it comes from!

Coffee is made from beans that grow on bushes and trees. To grow well, coffee needs rich soil and lots of rain. Most of the world’s coffee comes from Latin America countries like Brazil, Mexico and Guatemala have volcanic soils that are perfect for growing coffee!

The coffee plant stays green all year, has small white flowers and grows red berries that hold the coffee beans inside! These berries are called “cherries,” and they are picked and sorted before their skin and meat are separated from the beans inside.

The beans are eventually roasted, and some are left whole while others are ground before they are sold at grocery stores and coffee shops!


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    One legend claims that coffee was first discovered when a goat herder from Ethiopia noticed that his goats had an extra spring in their step after chomping on the red berries of a nearby plant. As the story goes, the goat herder then tried the berries for himself and was soon full of energy and excited about this new treat that we now call coffee!

    Remember, it's not safe to eat unidentified berries. But after learning of this legend, it's fun to consider the possibility that a goat played an important part in the discovery of coffee!  
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