Where does a Charley Horse get its name?

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People have all kinds of interesting names for different things in the world. If you’ve ever had a muscle spasm in your leg and heard someone call it a “Charley Horse,” you’ve probably wondered where this term comes from!

Nobody is exactly sure how the Charley Horse got its name, but lots of people trace it back about a hundred years (late 1800s) to baseball! One possibility is that it came from the player Charley Radbourne, whose nickname was “Old Hoss.” One day, when Radbourne’s leg got a cramp, “Charley Hoss’s” problem became the name for the ailment itself! Another possibility is that a one baseball field had a work horse named Charley. Because Charley was old and slow, any injured player was compared to “Charley Horse.”   

We do know that a Charley Horse’s name doesn’t have anything to do with its causes – you can get a Charley Horse even if you aren’t a horse named Charley! Since things like overusing your muscles or dehydration usually cause these cramps, you’ll hopefully find them pretty easy to avoid by taking good care of yourself!  

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