Where do seeds come from?

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Seeds are a lot like the eggs of the plant world. This may seem weird in an article about plants, but think for a minute about chicken eggs. Chicks hatch from eggs and grow up into chickens that lay their own eggs to make new chicks. Seeds come from adult plants to make new plants. They are made inside the flowers of plants that have flowers. Other plants, like pine trees, make cones instead.

Inside each seed is a tiny plant. Around the tiny plant is a lot of nutrients, which will feed the tiny plant and help it grow until it busts out of the seed, which usually has a hard protective shell. The shell keeps the tiny plant safe.

Some plants even surround their seeds with fruit! The fruit attracts animals who get a tasty treat. The seeds get spread around by the animals. Hopefully they will find rich soil where they can grow. Seeds don’t have legs like people do, so they use animals to help them get around. Some seeds are very light and use the wind to travel too!

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    Sewing Seeds

    Have you ever planted a seed? You can plant a whole garden, or even just a single seed in a pot that you keep in your home.

    Normally when you make a garden, you dig a small hole, plant the seed, cover it up, water it, and keep on watering it every so often until a plant grows. What about the seeds that fall from flowers and trees and grow by themselves in nature?

    If you have some seeds, try planting them in two different groups in an area that gets a lot of sunlight. For one group, really take care of the seeds. Follow the instructions on the seed package or have a grown-up help you find instructions to follow. For the other group, just spread them on the ground, like they would land in nature, without any people’s help.

    Watch how both groups grow. Does one grow faster than the other? Do both of them grow? Do they grow the same way?

    Do seeds really need our help?

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