Where do flies go during the winter?

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Have you ever wondered why those pesky insects that seem to be everywhere during the warmer months disappear as soon as it gets cold? Where do they go? On vacation?!?

Since the common housefly only has a life cycle of 20-30 days, most of the time they won't even be around once the summer is over. A female housefly will typically lay 100-150 eggs at a time (and almost 500 over the course of her life!), which will turn into worm-like creatures called maggots a day later. Over the course of the next ten days, the maggots turn into pupae, which then hatch into adult flies, who meet up with new mates to start the cycle all over again. By the end of the summer, flies will have reproduced so many times that it would take humans almost 300 years to replicate those numbers!

However, flies do not do well in cold weather while one might get lucky and sneak into a house for a few days, most flies survive in maggot or pupae form until the weather is warm enough for them to starting hatching and mating again.

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