Where do diamonds come from?

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Just like gold and silver form naturally in the earth, diamonds do too! Diamonds are minerals made up of carbon, and they are particularly famous for being the hardest known natural substance!
Diamonds are formed very deep within the earth (approximately 150-200km down), when carbon is crystallized by pressure and high heat over a long period of time – in fact, most diamonds are between about 1 and 3.3 billion years old before they reach the surface of the earth! 
Diamonds are found in lots of different places around the world. Some of the largest diamond-producing countries include Australia, Congo, Russia, and South Africa
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    Shine on!Diamonds are considered to be very valuable. What are some of their qualities that might make them so valuable? Strength and durability? Shininess and beauty? Rareness? Aside from qualities like these, what are some other qualities that make something valuable? Uniqueness, sentimental value, and having a special history might all be good examples! What other types of value can you think of??



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