Where do crocodiles live?

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Unlike alligators, who usually live near fresh water, crocodiles usually live near salty water. Crocodiles live in many different places around the world! There are crocodiles in lots of countries in Africa such as Egypt, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Madagascar, and more. There are also crocodiles in Australia, and in parts of South America like Venezuela. Even though there are alligators in North America, there aren't a lot of crocodiles, and the crocs that are around are mostly found in Florida or Caribbean Islands. Crocodiles can move and live on land, but they do need to be close to the water.

Crocodiles can be dangerous and in some places where people live, they have to be careful and smart in case a crocodile shows up! If you ever do encounter a crocodile (or an alligator), run away quickly and remember to run away from the water, too! Always stay near a grown-up, also.

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