What were the last dinosaurs to go extinct?

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Dinosaurs were on Earth for about 175 million years. They've been extinct for about 65 million.  Those are huge time frames to try and imagine, but think about this: Human beings have only been around for 100 thousand to 200 thousand years. That's tiny compared to the amount of time dinosaurs were around! 

Not all dinosaurs went extinct at the same time though. Many different species or types of dinosaurs came and went over those 175 million years. Some well-known ones that were still alive at the time when dinosaurs went extinct were the tyrannosaurus rex and the triceratops!  Some other dinosaurs alive at that time were the ankylosaurs and different types of raptors.

Many dinosaurs had already gone extinct by that time. Brachiosaurs and stegosaurs had already been gone for millions of years by the time the last dinosaurs went extinct.

Many scientists agree that not all dinosaurs went extinct.  Some became modern birds!

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