What was the coldest day in history?

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On July 23, 1983, the coldest temperature ever recorded was reached in Antarctica. That day it was -129°F! Antarctica is not a surprising place for the coldest temperature. The continent is at the South Pole, which spends more time pointed away from the Sun's energy than anywhere else on Earth except the North Pole, where it is also very cold.

The particular place in Antarctica where the temperature was recorded is called Vostok.  There isn't much there except for a scientific research station. It's too cold for people to live there comfortably.

The second coldest temperature recorded was a tie between two places in Russia.  It reached a bitter -90°F in 1892 and 1933!

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    Hot and Cold
    Antarctica and Greenland are some of the coldest places on Earth.  Check out a map of the world. There's one in the links below.  What do you notice about their locations? Are they near the center of the map or are they near the top and bottom?  What about very hot places like Egypt or Colombia?  Where are they located?  How do you think a country's position on a map affects how hot or cold it will be?


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