What is Valentine's Day?

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February 14th! What a day!

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day, is a holiday on February 14th celebrating love and friendship. Many people give cards called valentines to people that they care about and sometimes candy and flowers are exchanged, too! But where did this tradition come from?

The history of Valentine’s Day is a bit mysterious! Back in the 3rd century there was a man named Valentine who was highly looked upon by religious people and was made a saint. However, there were also several other St. Valentine’s in history, one of whom may have given a love letter to a young lady he was fond of, signed "From your Valentine." No one knows for sure!

We do know that legend associates Saint Valentine with being a heroic and romantic person and the tradition of sending love notes comes from him. Some people say that Valentine’s Day wasn’t actually thought of as a romantic holiday until the 1800’s when some poets connected romantic love and feelings with this special day. Either way, it’s a good occasion to express care for one another!


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    Make Every Day Valentine’s Day!

    While it’s nice to have a holiday to let people know we care about them, every day there are opportunities to show our love. In what ways do you let your family and friends know that you care about them?

    Give them a hug? Help your folks with some chores? Invite a friend over for s’mores? There are occasions every day to share how much we love, appreciate and care.


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