What is the world's tallest animal?

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If you guessed that the giraffe was the tallest animal, then… you’re right! Most male giraffes grow to be about 16-18 feet tall, but some have even been known to go all the way up to 19 feet – that’s probably about three times taller than the biggest grown-ups you know!
Part of what makes a giraffe so tall is its famous long neck. Giraffes (particularly males) use these awesomely long necks to reach up to the tops of trees and eat their leaves! With having these long necks, giraffes’ hearts have to be really strong in order to pump blood all the way up their tall bodies. Because of this, a giraffe’s heart is quite huge – about 25 pounds on average. This makes the giraffe not only the tallest animal, but also the animal with the biggest heart! 
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    What do you think are some advantages that a tall animal like the giraffe might have, thanks to their height? Things that are helpful about being a tall animal might include reaching food on high up trees or plants and looking more frightening to other animals. A tall giraffe can probably also gather a view of the surroundings far and wide, so they can see if any predators like lions are coming!
    What do you think are some disadvantages to tall animals? For example, it’s probably harder for a tall animal to hide, don’t you think?
    Think about some of the things you do every day. If you were five or six or fifty times taller than you are, do you think some of these things would be harder? Would some of them be easier?
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