What is the United Nations?

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The United Nations is a very special organization of countries from all around the world who work together as the U.N. to promote peace, help those in need, ensure equality and fairness, and more!

When the U.N. was first established about 70 years ago (in 1945), there were just 51 member countries, but since then it’s grown larger: There are currently 193 countries from around the world who take part in the U.N.’s activities! Every member country, no matter its size, gets one single vote in all decisions.  

The United Nations’ headquarters are in New York City and are considered international territory! There are six languages that serve as the official languages of the U.N.: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian. – Having an organization like the UN that can meet and work together to discuss global problems has been a very helpful development!



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    Working together!

    Why do you think it’s important and helpful to have an organization like the U.N.? What do you think U.N. meetings might be like? Remember that there would be lots of different languages and cultures represented so it would probably be very diverse and interesting! What kinds of things might be discussed and decided?
    If you were in charge of representing your country at the United Nations, what do you think some of your responsibilities might be, and why??
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