What is the biggest muscle in your body?

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Our muscles give us strength. They keep our bodies working and help us move from place to place. But what is the biggest muscle in your body? Well, you may very well be sitting on it right now!

The body’s largest muscle is the gluteus maximus, one of three muscles that form your buttocks, or rear end. It turns out this big muscle has a big job! Not only does your gluteus maximus help keep your torso--or trunk standing up straight, it gives you the strength to jump, run and walk uphill.    

You see, without your gluteus maximus, you wouldn’t be able to extend your thigh, and this important motion makes it possible to climb, run and stand up from a sitting position!  The gluteus maximus also allows you to rotate your thigh, or turn it outward.  

Now that you know about your body’s biggest muscle, you can use it to the max!

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