What is the 4th of July?

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In the United States, the 4th day of July is Independence Day, celebrating the day when America became its own country separate from Great Britain, whose government used to control what is now the U.S. 
The 4th of July was chosen as American’s Independence Day because it is meant to mark the date in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed. Although certain historical evidence indicates that the Declaration might not have actually been signed on that day and that instead the document had simply been announced or approved on that day, the 4th of July is generally accepted as a the symbolic date.
The reason the Declaration of Independence is so important is that it was this document which declared that the United States would officially separate from Great Britain. The people in the U.S. wanted the separation because they wanted to create a government with their own laws.
Since becoming an independent country was a big, significant day in the history of the U.S., it is now celebrated as a holiday and is considered by many to be the “birthday” of America! Over the years, it has become tradition to celebrate this day with picnics, barbeques, and fireworks! Happy Birthday, America!
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    Fireworks, Friends, and Fun!What are some of your favorite ways to spend the 4th of July?

    Do you like eating a picnic outside with your friends and family? Maybe you and your siblings and cousins dress up in red, white and blue and eat watermelon together! Or maybe your family always bakes a cake for America that looks like an American Flag! Are there fireworks in the city where you live? What are some of your favorite colors and shapes?

    Why do you think so many Americans celebrate this holiday by watching fireworks and eating outside? What are some other ways you can celebrate a holiday like this? Does your family celebrate the independence day of any other countries? If so, how do you celebrate??



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