What is superstition?

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A superstition is a belief or a practice that is not based on facts or events that can be proven. For example, some people believe in the superstition that if a black cat crosses your path, you will have bad luck. The reason this is called a superstition is because no one can prove that any “bad luck” you encounter arose from having a black cat cross your path! Plus, exactly what it would mean to have “bad luck” is also something that cannot be defined -- it’s something everyone would describe in his or her own way! 

The use of superstitions is very old, particularly because for a long time people didn’t have the science to explain the cause and effect of things that happened, like certain weather occurrences or illness. Instead, these unlucky events were often associated with other things that happened (like a black cat crossing your path!) which actually had nothing to do with why someone got the chicken-pox or had rain on their birthday!   

In spite of now having better knowledge of how or why so many things happen, lots of people still believe in superstitions, both new and old. Do you have any you believe in??

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