What is space made of?

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Have you ever wondered what outer-space is made out of? Scientists know some of what space is made of, but they’re still learning and discovering new things all the time!

It’s currently believed that only a small amount (about 5%) of outer-space is made of “normal matter,” meaning the little tiny units (atoms) that also make up planets, stars, and things on Earth, including humans. We can’t see these tiny units when we look around on Earth, but they make up everything we know! A small amount of them also make up our Universe.  

The rest of what makes up outer-space is much harder for scientists to figure out because it’s unlike anything we have here on Earth! Scientists have identified some different kinds of matter (“cold dark matter,” “hot dark matter,” and “dark energy”) that are difficult to understand because they can’t be touched or directly seen; scientists mostly know they’re there because they can measure their pull of gravity. If it sounds hard to understand, that’s okay – scientists are still trying to understand it all too!

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