What is recycling?

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People talk a lot about recycling, or “going green.” It seems to be really important, but what exactly is it, and why is it such a good thing??

To recycle something means “to use it again.” Usually, recycling refers to old or used products that are turned into new products, instead of being thrown away! The most commonly recycled materials include paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum, although lots of other things can be recycled too, including items like old electronics and plastic bags. Different communities each have their own separate ways of collecting recyclable goods. 

Recycling is important because it’s good for the environment in so many ways! Making things out of recycled materials almost always uses less energy than making the same item again from new materials. Recycling is important because it allows us to use up fewer of Earth’s natural resources, and because it means there can be less waste. For example, if you drink from a disposable water bottle every day and throw it away when you’re done, imagine how many bottles would pile up over a week, a month, and a year! By carrying a reusable bottle instead, you prevent the creation of excess waste!



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    • One really good example of a recyclable item that uses up fewer of Earth’s natural resources is paper. You might already know about how paper is made from trees -- by recycling paper when you’re done, fewer trees need to be cut down in order to make new sheets! Up to 17 trees are saved when one ton of recycled paper is made!
    • In addition to recycling, you can also “go green” by trying not to buy or use more than you need. Think about how many squares of toilet paper you tear off the roll -- if you used just one or two less, would you still have enough? Finding ways to cut down on how much you use (especially if you might be using more than you need without thinking about it!) can make a big difference!
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    It’s easy being green!!
    There are lots and lots of ways that you can go green at home!
    Do you ever go to the grocery store with one of the grown-ups in your house? Next time you’re going along, ask if you can take bags you already have in the house with you, so that you don’t have to take extra, new bags from the store! Holding onto the special bags until you reach the check-out line can even be your own special job!
    Start noticing if you’re accidentally leaving lights on when you aren’t in the room. Turning off the lights when no one is using them helps save on energy! Also, make sure you open the curtains during the day -- if you can use natural light, you won’t even need those electric ones!
    What are some other Go Green tips you can think of? Cutting down on bath or shower water helps conserve water, and using a lunchbox instead of a brown bag means less paper waste!
    Have a grown-up help you make a list with some other great ideas!!
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