What is protein?

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Try flexing your muscles. It’s nice to feel strong and healthy, isn’t it?! You may have heard that protein makes your body strong, and that eating plenty of protein is important. But what exactly is this stuff called protein, and why do our bodies need it?   

Protein is made of long chains of amino acids, which are like building blocks that fit together to create this oh-so-important material! Protein can be found all over your body including in your bones, muscles and organs!

Protein gives us energy and does many special jobs for our bodies, like helping us break down food, making sure we get well when we’re sick, and keeping our muscles and bones strong and healthy. Eating foods with protein helps our bodies stay in tip-top shape!

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    Some foods that give us protein are meat (such as chicken and pork), tofu, dried beans and peas, eggs, nuts, milk, cheese and seeds. Bon appetit!
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