What is Presidents' Day?

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In the United States, the third Monday of February is celebrated as Presidents’ Day! This holiday is often also called “Washington’s Birthday,” because the holiday was originally held on February 22nd, which was the birthday of George Washington.
While Washington’s birthday has been recognized and celebrated since his final full year in office (1796), it was first marked as an official holiday in 1880 for people in Washington D.C., and as a nation-wide federal holiday in 1885. Since George Washington was the first president of the U.S., the holiday was meant to celebrate this important citizen in American history! The holiday was later changed from February 22nd to the third Monday of the month to help working people have more three-day weekends to spend with their families.
Today, the holiday is often referred to as “Presidents’ Day” instead of “Washington’s Birthday” because many people also use it to celebrate the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln (on February 12th), in addition to other important presidents in American history!
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