What is love?

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“Love” is a word you might hear a lot, but people seem to use it in lots of different ways! You might hear someone say they love ice cream, or the color green. Maybe you've heard someone say they love another person, or they love getting a good night's sleep! So what exactly is “love”?

Love is an idea that usually describes feeling very strongly, in a good way, towards something or someone. To love something often means you like it even more than most other things you enjoy. People often say that they “love” their favorite things, like playing soccer, or that they “love” a person whom they care about, like a family member or a close friend.

Love is a very personal and very strong feeling. It's okay not to understand completely what it means -- it gets easier as you get a little older, and even then it can still be very confusing!

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    Love it up! Sometimes people express love by saying that they love something -- “I love macaroni and cheese!”

    But loving macaroni and cheese is usually a different kind feeling than loving a person, like a close friend or a family member. In both cases, your love is an expression of how strongly you feel, but because people and pasta are different, sometimes people express love for close friends or family in other ways, like drawing someone a nice picture or giving them a thoughtful gift for no reason!

    What are some ways you can think of to show someone that you care? Picking flowers for someone, splitting your cookies with them, and helping out without being asked are all ways to show someone that they mean a lot to you!

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