What is inside of a cloud?

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For thousands of years, people looked up at clouds with a lot of wonder. What are they? What’s inside them? You might see, on TV, images of people rolling around on clouds like they are fluffy pillows. You might play a video game where a character jumps from cloud to cloud. You might read Jack and the Beanstalk, and imagine a whole kingdom existing up on top of a cloud. 

Only recently have people been able to fly up and through the clouds to know for certain what’s inside. Clouds are the same on the inside as they are on the outside! They’re made of tiny drops of water that are so light they can float on air. When they grow to be heavy enough, they will fall as rain, but until then, the whole cloud is made of these very tiny water drops.

If you ever take a plane ride and go through a cloud, it will look just like you’re traveling through a thick fog. Fog is pretty much a cloud, just really close to the ground! 

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    Wilhelm Reich, was a psychologist who believed that clouds need a special type of energy to make it rain. He actually invented a machine to shoot that energy into the sky and make rain happen. He called the machine a cloudbuster.

    There’s no proof that cloudbusting worked, but Wilhelm Reich’s ideas were certainly unique.

    There are some parts of the world that suffer from drought. That means that they don’t get enough water for farms or for people. Can you think of any inventions or ideas that could help bring water to these areas? It could be a device that moves clouds. It could just be a very long pipe to the ocean. It could be anything! Sometimes the most creative ideas are the ones that actually work! So try drawing pictures of your ideas, you might discover something really useful, and if not, it’s still a good use of your imagination!

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