What is forgiveness?

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Do you remember the last time you felt sorry for something you’d done? Something that  made another person sad, maybe something you didn’t realize would end in hurt feelings? Do remember how great it felt when the person you apologized to said, “I forgive you!?”

Forgiveness is letting go of anger and hurt feelings so you can make room for happier times. Forgiveness is all about second chances!   

Is it okay to feel angry or gloomy when somebody hurts your feelings? Of course it is! You don’t have to ignore your feelings or pretend that nothing happened.  Forgiveness is not about telling someone else it’s okay to upset you or letting a person continue to make you feel sad.    

But when you’ve had a chance to understand that you’ve been hurt in some way, you may feel that you’re ready to move on.

All of us say we’re sorry from time to time, and we know how nice it is when another person forgives us so we can start fresh and make things even better the next time around! We can do the same for others by saying, “I forgive you.” Sometimes these words are followed by a big hug and an even better day than we could’ve imagined!


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    The next time you find yourself wanting to say “I’m sorry” to another person and be forgiven, try making a card or a picture for that friend or family member. You may want to start by writing a phrase like “I’m sorry” or “You’re a good friend” on a piece of paper (feel free to ask a grown-up for help if need be).

    Next, add pictures or designs. If you know the person’s favorite color, you may even want to use that color marker, paint or crayon.  While the card or picture is an extra special treat to brighten another person’s day, don’t forget to say the words “I’m sorry” as well. They’re always nice to hear when it comes to forgiveness!

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