What is Drama?

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Drama is one of those neat words that can be used in several different ways. It can be used to describe a certain type of play or movie where lots of stuff happens. Also, a person or an event can be described as dramatic. Let's take a look at what this word means….

The word drama comes from a Greek word that means “action”. When there is action, something happens! For example, someone breaks their leg, two people get married or a baby is born. This action creates tension and excitement over what will happen next and help to make the story (and life!) dramatic or full of drama.

If an event is dramatic, lots of exciting things happen. Some may be good and some may be bad, and many of them may be unexpected. In the same way, a dramatic person may be full of different emotions or do things that are unexpected.


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  • Further information

    While a comedy tells funny or light-hearted stories, dramas tell serious stories, often where we learn about different peoples' friendships and feelings. Sometimes a drama will have a sad ending, sometimes a happy ending and sometimes a little bit of both!

    Drama can also describe plays that are meant to be performed on stage. When someone says they are studying drama, they are learning about plays, their history and how they are put up on a stage.

  • Exploration

    Think about some of your favorite movies, stories and plays. Would you describe any of them as a drama? What twists and turns does the story take that make it interesting and exciting? What surprised you? Are there parts that are sad? How did the story end?

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