What is divorce?

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Divorce is what happens when people decide not to be married to each other any more. A divorce legally ends a marriage, and people are free to marry other people if they want to.

Even though divorce ends a marriage, it does not end a family. If your parents decide to divorce each other it does not mean they are divorcing YOU! Your mom and dad will always be your mom and dad. Their love for you will always be the same.

The day you were born you became a member of a bigger family. You will always be a part of that bigger, or “extended” family even if someone in your family divorces. Your grandmas, grandpas, and other relatives will all still be a part of your extended family just like they have always been. Divorce changes many things but it does NOT end a family and it does NOT change your family's love for you.

  • Further information

    A lot of kids live in families where there has been a divorce. Aunts, uncles, even grandparents who have been married for years and years divorce sometimes. Divorce can be hard on everyone in a family. One thing that seems to help is talking about the things that are on your mind. Talking to someone who cares and listens will help you sort out your feelings and worries.

  • Exploration

    Draw a picture that shows how you felt when you first learned that someone in your family was divorcing. Show it to a parent or other trusted adult. Tell them what the drawing means to you.

    Divorce affects a lot of families. Can you think of other kids whose parents or other family members are divorced?

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