What is culture?

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Culture refers to the behaviors, habits, and traditions shared by a group of people. People who share the same culture can be linked by where they live, what religion they practice, where their families have come from, and more! – Culture is made up of behaviors and practices that we learn from our surroundings. 
Culture affects lots of things in the world around us, such as types of food, styles of clothing, and ways of speaking. It might also play a role in what holidays are observed, or how they are observed!
Because people have such interesting and varied backgrounds, there are lots of really cool cultural differences out there! It’s important to be open-minded and accepting of different cultures, since everyone is entitled to practice, celebrate, or believe in whatever they would like, so long as what they do doesn’t hurt anyone else. Learning about different cultures can be pretty fun – it can mean enjoying yummy new foods, learning about people’s unique histories, trying out special outfits, and participating in interesting games or observances! 
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