What is Bastille Day?

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Bastille Day (also known in French as la fête nationale) is a public holiday celebrated in France and around the world by French people and French territories every year on July 14th. 
During the late 1700s, many of the citizens of France were unhappy with the way their country was being ruled because they felt that some people were unfairly being treated better than others. Among other causes, this eventually led them to protest! 
The Bastille, previously a fortress, was being used at this time as a state prison. Because it mostly held political figures, it had also become a symbol of the peoples’ struggles with their government.
On July 14th, 1789, a group of people rose up against their unfair treatment by storming the Bastille and releasing seven prisoners! This event became the beginning of what is known as the French Revolution, which ended the reign of the ruling government.
This historical event is commemorated every year on its anniversary with parades, fireworks, and the words of the French Revolution: Libert̩, ̩galit̩, fraternit̩ Рfreedom, equality, and brotherhood!
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  • Exploration

    Have you ever seen the French flag? Using some books or the Internet, look up a picture of one with a grown-up! How is it similar or different to the flags of other countries that you’ve seen?
    Celebrate Bastille Day this year on July 14th by making your very own French flag! Then, have a grown-up help you make some yummy French foods and invite your friends over to celebrate with you!
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