What is Arbor Day?

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Arbor Day is a holiday that celebrates trees! Types of Arbor Day holidays are observed in many countries around the world under a variety of names. “Arbor Day” is the name traditionally given to this holiday in the U.S., where is generally celebrated on the last Friday in April. 

Arbor Day began in Nebraska in the year 1872. It was the idea of a journalist and politician named Julius Sterling Morton, who was interested in and concerned about the environment. Mr. Morton knew that trees were important to the health and beauty of the environment. He suggested that the people of Nebraska set aside one day ever year dedicated to tree planting! 

The idea worked: The first Arbor Day was held on April 10th, 1872 and the people of Nebraska are believed to have planted over a million trees, just in that first year! The holiday later spread to other states and has been recognized nationally by Americans since 1882. Arbor Day observances usually include learning about the importance of trees and (of course!) planting and caring for some, too!

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    Precious Trees!

    Forests are essential for life on Earth. They provide us with half of the oxygen we breathe, and they are home to almost ninety percent of all land-based animals and plants on our planet. They help maintain the Earth’s water cycle and they prevent soil from being flushed away when there is a lot of rain. Trees are also very important in the fight against climate change because they turn greenhouse gases into oxygen.

    Unfortunately though - together with -a forest the size of two football fields vanishes every minute - because of large scale intented deforestation (cutting down trees to make paper, furniture, or create land for palm oil or other agriculture products) and unintended deforestation (accidental loss of trees due to wildfires or animals grazing on small trees).

    If this damage continues at the same rate there won’t be any forests left in about a hundred years.

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    Get Planted!

    Have you ever planted a tree on Arbor Day at school or with your family? If so, how much has the tree grown since it was first planted? Is it giving off lots of nice shade or fruit now??

    Find out if you and your family or friends can plant a tree on the next upcoming Arbor Day! Think about a good place for planting your tree and what kind of tree you should plant!!
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