What is an election?

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An election is a decision that is made by voting. Have you ever picked out the leader for a club by raising your hand and voting? Or maybe you and your friends decided whether to play hopscotch or jump-rope by counting out how many people were interested in each, and selecting the one with the most supporters! All of these things would be forms of elections!

Places like cities, states, and countries hold elections too. These elections usually decide on new leaders or new laws for that area. One of the most important parts of these elections is that everyone gets a fair and equal vote. Another important part of an election is that the voters have a choice in what they’re voting on. Imagine voting on something without any options, and being forced to vote for just one choice – that wouldn’t be a very meaningful vote at all! 

Voting is an excellent way to give people a choice in the decisions that will affect them, which is why people have been using systems of elections for thousands of years. Vote on!

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