What is an anthem?

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An anthem is a song that expresses praise, happiness or devotion. One special type of anthem you may be familiar with is the national anthem. This hymn or song celebrates love and devotion to one’s country. Countries all over the world have national anthems that they hold dear. 
The national anthem of the United States is called “The Star-Spangled Banner.” India’s national anthem is called “Jana Mana Gana.” The nation anthem of Great Britain is “God Save the Queen.” In fact, “God Save the Queen” is one of the oldest national anthems!
For some national anthems, the government of the country officially recognizes the song. For others, the people of the country cherish the song, and it has become the beloved anthem over time. National anthems are often played at special times, such as at festivals, or before sporting events. In fact, Olympic gold medalists get to hear and sing along with their national anthems when they receive their medals!
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    What is the name for someone who studies anthems? An anthematologist! This word is a relatively new one“”it was invented by David Kendall in Canada in 2003.

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