What is an amphibian?

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Amphibian is the name of a group of animals -- just like some animals are a mammal or a reptile or a bird because of their features, amphibians also have certain characteristics of their own!

Amphibians are similar to reptiles in a many ways. Like reptiles, amphibians give birth to their babies by laying eggs. They also, like reptiles, can’t control their body temperature without an outside source like warm sun or cool water. (Known as being “ectothermic.”)
However, amphibians and reptiles are different in some important ways: Amphibians (unlike their reptile friends) live both in water and on land! Amphibians are also special because when their babies hatch from their eggs, they are in a different form than when they are fully grown. Think, for example, about a frog! - This amphibian is born as a baby tadpole and grows to have the features of an adult frog as it develops!
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    Awesome Amphibians!What are some amphibians that you know of? Frogs, salamanders, and newts are all good examples! Can you think of any others?

    Think about some reptiles and some amphibians. Compare their similarities and their differences. Why do you think it's important or helpful for scientists to separate these two kinds of animals, instead of keeping them all in the same group together??



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