What is a vagina?

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A vagina is a unique part of a girl’s body.  It’s one of the ways that a girl’s body is unlike a boy’s body.
The area between a girl’s legs is called the vulva. There are two openings within this area. One opening, a very small hole at the top, is the urethra. The urethra is where a girl pees from. Just below the urethra is another opening this is the vagina. 
The vagina is part of a girl’s reproductive system. It’s a tube that leads inside a girl’s body to the cervix, and then the uterus. The uterus is where babies grow when a woman is pregnant. When the baby is ready to be born, it leaves the mother’s uterus and exits out of her body through the vagina!
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  • Further information

    The vagina is often referred to as a girl’s “private parts.” That's because it's part of the body we keep clothed and private. We usually touch this area when we wash or go to the bathroom. A parent or doctor may touch this area for the same reasons, or check it to make sure it's okay. But nobody else should touch this part of your body. If that happens, tell a trusted grown-up.
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    Every body is different“”but boys and girls are similar in a whole lot of ways, too! Can you make a list of the ways they’re the same? Different? Show your list to a parent and talk about what you thought up. See what they can think of with you!
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