What is a sneeze?

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Like many other important functions of your body, sneezing is a way your body protects you from things which bother it. When you – achoo! – sneeze, your body is trying to send unwanted and bothersome dirt and germs flying out of your nose!

Since sneezing is meant to be a powerful way of ridding your nose of unwanted intruders, many body parts work together to make your sneeze as powerful as possible! The parts that contribute to your sneeze include your chest, throat, vocal chords and more! The way that these parts cooperate to build up force and to open and close at just the right moment gives your sneeze the extra power it needs!

Don’t forget to hold your hand or a tissue in front of your nose and mouth when you sneeze! It wouldn’t be very much fun (or very healthy) to accidentally let the germs and other things that come flying out at super-sneeze-speed hit someone else who is standing near by! (Eeeww!)

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