What is a peninsula?

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The next time you look at a map of the United States, take time to find the state of Florida. Florida is a peninsula, or a piece of land surrounded by water on three sides

A peninsula sticks out into the water while still being connected to a larger section of land. Sometimes a peninsula is connected to this larger piece of land by a skinny strip of land called an isthmus

Because a peninsula is not surrounded by water on all sides, it’s not an island. In fact, its name is taken from the Latin “paene” and “insula” which together mean “almost an island.” 

Since so much of a peninsula’s land borders the water, many people may want to live and visit there so they can enjoy the coast and all the fun that the sea brings!

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  • Exploration

    Now it’s your turn to create a peninsula! Use a blue piece of construction paper as a mat, then flatten a piece of clay or craft dough on top of it. Mold the clay or dough into a body of land. For ideas, look at a real map and see if you can copy the shapes by making your own clay and construction paper map. 

    Now take one edge of the clay and create a peninsula. This peninsula should be attached to the main piece of land but stick out into the “water” so it’s surrounded by water on three sides. Perhaps you can make Florida, or the country of Italy, another famous peninsula!
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