What is a lily pad?

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If you’ve ever been at a pond and admired the beautiful disc-shaped leaves with flowers floating on top, then you’re already familiar with lily pads! These pretty plants are also sometimes called “water lilies” or “lotuses.”
Lily pads might look like they’re just floating on the surface of the water, but the truth is that they’re actually planted with roots into the ground at the bottom of the body of water they float on! Although sometimes they can grow to be too many, water lilies are often useful to the body of water where they grow. For example, they provide food for fish and other creatures. They also create shade under the water during the day and hold in warmth at night, which helps the water to be a more comfortable temperature for all of the pond’s  dwellers!

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    Lily pad lovers!

    Lily pads are very popular because they are so pretty. Many famous paintings feature ponds covered in lily pads! One very famous artist who painted lots of lily pads was Claude Monet.

    Ask a grown-up to help you look up some of Monet’s lily pad paintings or to help you find some others by different artists. Then, get out your favorite paints, colored pencils, and crayons and make your own masterpiece! – What about the lily pads do you think is so pleasing??

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