What is a library?

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Do you like to read books or listen to stories? If you do, then the library is a place for you! Libraries are collections of books and other media. Sometimes these books can be found inside of a building, such as your city or town’s public library. Readers can check out, or borrow, these books and return them by their due dates.

Sometimes the books can be found and read online through digital libraries, which let readers enjoy the information from home. In fact, the information found in libraries isn’t limited to books! Articles, encyclopedias, magazines, records, CDs and DVDs can be found in libraries as well.  

Some people enjoy going to the library to use the internet, watch puppet shows, listen to stories or use one of the library’s meeting or study rooms. Whether you want to read a great story, find a useful article for a school assignment, or listen to music, there’s sure to be a library that can help you on your quest!  

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  • Further information

    Sometimes finding a single item inside of a library that houses thousands of books can seem like a really big job, but there are tools to help you!

    One of these tools is called a card catalog, which used to involve drawers of index cards with the books’ names on them but is now often found on computers at your library. By typing in clues about the book you’re looking for (like the book’s title or the author’s name), you can find just what you need!

    Your card catalog search will give you helpful information, like where to find the book in the library and the item’s call number, which can be found on the spine of the book. The call number leads you right to the book’s home on the shelf!
  • Exploration

    Be a library detective! The next time you’re at the library, see if you can use the card catalog and call number to find an interesting book! Maybe you’ll be at your school library searching for a book to help you with a project, or maybe you’ll be at the public library hunting through many rows (or even floors) of books! Don’t forget that the librarians are there to help you look for clues...
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