What is a cornucopia?

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During the season of autumn, especially around Thanksgiving time, you may notice cornucopias beginning to show up on tables. What is a cornucopia? This special decoration is a horn-shaped container that is filled with fruit and other reminders of the harvest
In fact, “cornucopia” means “horn of plenty.” Cornucopias date back to Ancient Greece, when goat horns were filled with food items such as fruit and grains. Today cornucopias are often cone-shaped baskets that are filled with both real and faux items. In fact, these decorations are filled to the brim to look as if they are overflowing with delicious and nourishing foods. What better way to celebrate the harvest and Thanksgiving?!
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    What would you put in your cornucopia? It’s time to make your own! Start with a cone-shaped basket. It helps to put some stuffing inside of it as a cushion. Decorative grass or raffia works well! Next, decide if you’ll be using real or faux (fake) foods. A trip to the craft store with a parent can be helpful if you want to use dried items (corn, artichoke, plants, etc.) and faux items. And of course, a trip to the grocery store is a fun way to gather real foods such as apples, squash and mini-pumpkins. You may already have some items in your fridge or pantry that will work!
    Some people even gather beautiful autumn leaves from the yard to include in the arrangement! Now is the fun part“”putting it all together! Stuff the cornucopia with the goodies you’ve selected. If you want the cornucopia to overflow with items, assemble it in the exact spot where it will be displayed. One popular cornucopia spot is the dining room table. Every time you see the fruits of your labor, you’ll be reminded of nature’s bounty!
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