What is a compliment?

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Has someone ever told you that you’re one of the most unique and special people they know? Or maybe they said kind things about how funny you are, or what a great friend you’ve always been. These nice things are all examples of compliments! Polite praise given from one person to another is a compliment! 
When we offer nice compliments to people, it can make the other person feel good! Isn’t it nice when someone says they admire how outgoing you are? Wouldn’t you like to be complimented on your happy smile!? – Of course you would! Being complimented is a reminder of how and why we’re special!
The best part of compliments is that they can also make the person who gives the compliment feel good! Giving compliments shows people that they’re noticed and appreciated. Learning how to give compliments can help you to see the best in others and is a small and simple way of doing something kind!
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  • Further information

    The word “compliment” can also refer to greetings, like when someone “sends you their compliments.” (It’s like saying a friendly “hello”!)
    “Compliment” can also be used like offering congratulations, such as when you compliment someone on their achievement.
  • Exploration

    Have a grown-up help you make a list of qualities in other people that you think deserve to be complimented! Some examples might include:
    - Being reliable
    - Being cheerful
    - Having a big heart
    - Being smart or clever
    - Generosity
    - Creativity
    - Warmth
    - Uniqueness
    Make pictures showing some of the people you know using these special qualities, and give it to them as a way of saying “you’re great”!
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