What does sarcastic mean?

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The word “sarcastic” refers to a way of speaking. You can say that someone “is being sarcastic” or “has a lot of sarcasm.”
When someone is being sarcastic, it often means they are referring to something that is the opposite of what is obvious. For example, let’s say you’ve just finished eating a delicious ice-cream cone, and it’s pretty clear that you liked it because you ate all of it and made yummy-noises the whole time. But then when someone asks how you enjoyed your ice cream, you might give the sarcastic response “It was awful!”
Often, sarcasm is meant to be funny, like in the example with the ice cream come. But other times, people might use sarcasm in a rude way – it usually depends on the situation and the tone a person uses. If you say something sarcastic with a smile and a laugh in an appropriate situation, it’s usually different than saying something sarcastic with a sneer in the wrong situation.
When it comes to sarcasm, it’s important to remember the circumstances. Everyone likes a laugh, but it can sometimes be disrespectful to use sarcasm towards certain people or in a certain situation. Because it has a lot to do with context, a great way to learn is to observe! 
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    Sarcastic situations

    Think of some situations in which you or someone you know was being sarcastic. What made the use of sarcasm appropriate or not appropriate? Think about things like the who was speaking to whom, what was being said, and how they were saying it. Why do you think these things make a difference??
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