What does it mean to inherit something?

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Have you ever noticed that people who are related, like parents and children or brothers and sisters, often look a lot alike? The reason that people who are related to one another often have similar characteristics is because many things about you are inherited!

To inherit something, in terms your appearance or personality, means that a certain trait is passed down between parents and their children! Everyone on Earth contains certain little units of information inside of their bodies called genes. Your genes can decide all kinds of things about you -- like what color your hair and eyes will be, how tall you’ll be when you grow up, and whether you are right or left handed. These traits (and more) are all traits that you receive from your parents; they’re inherited!

Sometimes you can have characteristics that are different from your parents, since certain traits can skip a generation! If both of your parents have brown eyes but you have blue ones, chances are you have grandparents with blue eyes like you! The blue eye color skipped your parents, but was passed along to you instead!

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    Not everything about you is decided by your genes; certain things about you are also decided by your experiences. For example, you don’t have to have a professional musician in your family to be good at the piano. If you practice a lot, you can become an expert!

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    Trading Traits! What are some of your characteristics that are similar to your parents or your brothers and sisters? Even if you don’t know of any, think about what features you have, and how they might be similar to the people you are related to!

    Since everyone is unique, not everything about you comes directly from your parents. Think about some things that you like -- do you think that your like for those things came from a parent who might have a similar taste, or do you think those things are unique and special to you?



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