What does doppelganger mean?

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If someone tells you that you have a doppelganger, it’s not really something to worry about. It just means that there’s another person out there in the world that looks a lot like you! The person could be your identical twin (if you have one), or it could just be another person who reminds people a lot of you.

The word doppelganger comes from German folklore. There were legends and stories that say each person has a ghost-like doppelganger, which is an exact copy of the person. In the legends, doppelgangers are usually invisible. Sometimes, they make themselves seen, and that is a sign of bad luck. Luckily, those are just legends! Usually when people say doppelganger today, it just means a coincidental look-alike.   

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    Draw Your Doppelganger

    Trying to draw your doppelganger can be really good drawing practice! Really, you’re trying to draw an exact copy of yourself. Grab some pencils, crayons, and markers! It may help to sit in front of a mirror too! Draw your face, and then, hold it up next to you while looking in the mirror.

    How did you do?

    It probably won’t be perfect. Is the nose in your drawing too small? Are the ears too big? Did you give your doppelganger purple skin? Try to draw another copy of yourself and keep in mind those differences you saw in the first picture. Drawing takes practice, so each time you try and each little detail you notice will help you get better!

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